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Learn how Natalie went from an aspiring artist to her first solo show in less than two years:

Where were you before joining IceberGallery?

What was life like for you?


What was business like for you?


What were your biggest struggles?


What were your biggest doubts?

What made you say "YES" to yourself and get the support that you needed?

What has been your biggest accomplishment on your journey in the program? What are you most proud of?

What would you say to anyone on the fence of joining IceberGallery?

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The IceberGallery Artist Network:

  • IceberGallery operates based on a network of artists. All opportunities organized and hosted by IceberGallery are exclusive to those within the IceberGallery Artists Network.

  • Collaboration, informal mentorship, sharing of knowledge, etc. are encouraged amongst artists within the network.

Membership is open to:

  • Any visual artists -- this includes painting, illustration, photography, mixed media, textile and visual craft arts.

  • Artists of all experience levels welcome. 

Membership Requirements:

  • Open to visual artists only.

  • Active participation in IceberGallery opportunities/events.

  • Must be a current or part-time resident of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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