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Arts & Drafts - 2023

A Celebration of the Visual Arts and Craft Beer Communities

ARTS & DRAFTS is back for a second year!

Once again, IceberGallery is excited to partner with multiple local breweries and bars to host Arts & Drafts for the artist within the IceberGallery Artist Network.

What is ARTS & DRAFTS?

A series of events to celebrate the local visual arts and craft brewery/bar communities. This is a 19+ event with an Art Market, showcasing IceberGallery’s talented artists, from 5-9pm. Bar specials will be offered with the purchase from any of the participating artists.

This is such a fun and exciting partnership and we’re looking forward to combining both the Visual Arts and Brewery/Bar Communities for a unique series of Market-Style Celebrations!

Come out, enjoy some amazing beer, and browse/buy the work of some very talented local artists!

*Vendor/Artist Applications are now open for the February and March dates. See the following link:

*This is free for artists within the IceberGallery Artist Network. Check out our website to join!

*Visual art sales is the main focus of vendors/artists.

*Artists will be chosen on a first-come-first-serve basis.

*Number of spaces vary depending on venue.

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