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ICEBERGALLERY PHOTO OUTING - Light Painting at Topsail Beach with Tina O’Rourke

IceberGallery is excited to host another Photo Outing. This time, Tine O’Rourke will be assisting the IceberGallery team to host a photo outing surrounding Light Painting. This is such a fun and innovative medium and we’re excited to learn and experiment with it.

This method uses long-exposure photography and bright lights to “paint” shapes while the exposure time elapses.

Those interested in participating will be encouraged to bring their own camera and tripod.

Artists will meet at the main parking lot of Topsail Beach in CBS at 8:30PM on Thursday, July 13th

Address: 24 Topsail Beach Rd, CBS, NL.

Special shoutout to our board member Dawn Evans for organizing this and to Tina, again, for assisting/leading this outing 🙂

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