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Polka Dot Print - Submission Extension & Exhibit Announcement

The Polka-Dot Print

This is a collaborative opportunity that will include numerous artists collaborating to make a polka-dot style print. All pieces will be in an exhibit scheduled for August 2023.

More details to come on dates and locations.

How it works:

Participating artists will receive a white-primed wood-slice or wood-round (approximately 3” in diameter) and are encouraged to create an art piece with their chosen medium.

A print photo will be taken of each finished piece and arranged together to form a polka-dot pattern. Prints of the collaborative piece will be used to raise funds for future IceberGallery opportunities.

All pieces will be mounted and framed individually and available via online auction with a 50/50 split between the artist and IceberGallery’s fundraising efforts.

Although we’ve already received the majority of our submissions, we’d like to reopen the participation for this opportunity in case there was anyone that missed it. The deadline to have your piece included is July 27th, 2023 (unless discussed otherwise).

If interested please email with the subject line “Polka Dot Print Participant”

This opportunity is for those within the IceberGallery Artist Network, which is free to join!

Want to join? Check out

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