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The Polka Dot Print + Registration Form

A Collaborative Opportunity for IceberGallery Artists

The Polka-Dot Print

Registration is now open via the following link:

This is a volunteer based collaborative opportunity for 31 artists within the IceberGallery Artist Network.

Participating artists will receive a wood-slice or wood-round (approximately 3” in diameter) and are encouraged to create an art piece with their chosen medium.

A print photo will be taken of each finished piece and arranged together to form a polka-dot pattern. Prints of the collaborative piece will be used to raise funds for future IceberGallery opportunities.

All participating artists will receive a print of the final product. The original pieces will be auctioned via an online silent auction with a 50/50 split between the artist & IceberGallery.

Registration is currently open via the following link:

This opportunity is for those within the IceberGallery Artist Network, which is free to join!

Want to join? Check out

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